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JenCarbutoJen Carbuto, Director
Co-Chair of Communications & Marketing Committee
Art Director, Intrigue Graphics

Jennifer Carbuto has been an AGLCC member since 2014 after she moved to Charlotte 3 years ago. Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in the advertising field. She is a creative director at Intrigue Graphics & works on national & international companies that include Bulova, Canon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops & Isramworld Travel.

Jennifer gives most of her time to raising her 3 children which is no easy task! She has given her time & creative efforts to create logos for the The Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte Black Gay Pride & Visit Gay Charlotte.

Jennifer is originally from Long Island, New York and went to Rochester Institute of College for graphic design. She has relocated to Charlotte and has 3 toddlers, and currently lives in Wesley Heights with her husband, Chris.

Meet The Candidate


Quenton Chissem

I’ve always believed that the biggest hindrance for the LGBT community was disunity. Since coming to Charlotte I’ve seen the Business Guild, now the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce, do some much to unify the community. I want, and need to be apart of that. Changing the world around us to ensure growth, equality, and a future. That’s huge! If I can help create a city where LGBT rights, businesses, and youth prosper…the in all for it.

Meet The Candidate

IMG_8499_jpgPeter Carey

It’s Better in the Bahamas.  Peter is a Bahamian native and loves the west indian culture, lifestyle and food.  Although he spent most of his time in states for education.  He attended and graduated a private school in Ft. Worth, Texas, Southwestern Adventist University, where he earned his degree in International Business and Cross Cultural Communication and later went on to complete his MBA.  Peter has a diverse range of professional experience ranging from Healthcare to fashion. He is currently the VP/Owner of American Health and Home Care and has recently launched his Public Relations and Event Management business PAC Solutions.  He’s has had extensive experience in the world of fashion and entertainment from modeling, to event planning and plans to change the fashion industry of Charlotte.

Peter’s circle of friends asserts that he is reliable, assertive, perceptive, and will always go the extra mile for those he cares about.  In the near future he hopes to gain a solid clientele in the small business sector to help small business achieve their goals and market their brands successfully. Socializing, hitting the gym, and traveling are Peter’s favorite things to do.